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Beta Analytic Launches Mobile App

Beta Analytic’s mobile app for Android and Apple devices is now available for download. The free app will allow all users to consult with the lab, access results, and receive up-to-date prices and other information. With the BETA App, clients can have their radiocarbon results and the lab’s expertise in their pocket, whether they are on the field, in the lab, or attending a conference.

BETA App users can now consult their carbon-14 results and quality assurance reports, access sample collection and submittal advice, and contact the company’s global team for prices and technical support directly from the app.

The app is free to download onto a smartphone and other mobile devices. It is optimized for iOS 7.0 and Android 4.0 and higher. The user’s device requires a PDF viewer to access the lab reports. The number of reports that can be downloaded depends on the device’s available storage.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Beta App is no longer available for download.

Why Download the BETA App

  • Clients can get their radiocarbon results straight to their smartphone or tablet

AMS dating results are reported directly to the clients’ online account in 2-14 business days depending on the service selected. All lab results are ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited.

  • Offline Reports: Clients can take their Carbon-14 results to the field

Beta Analytic clients can log into their secure portal when connected to the internet and download technical, quality and calibration reports onto the BETA app and consult them in offline mode wherever they may be.

  • Sending samples for radiocarbon dating is easier than ever

With the simple step-by-step guide, Beta App users can consult sample size requirements, access customs and shipping information, and find a local forwarding address in minutes, even in offline mode.

Questions about the lab’s sample submittal procedure can be emailed through the BETA App. With a 3G or Wi-fi connection, users can contact the lab via the BETA app to obtain a quote for samples or get technical assistance before, during, or after the analysis. The lab will respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

About Beta Analytic

Beta Analytic is the world leader in radiocarbon dating with more than 30 years in business. All analyses and measurements are performed in-house by full-time professionals at the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited radiocarbon dating laboratory in Miami, Florida. Founded in 1979, Beta Analytic’s commitment to meet the scientific community’s demand for accurate radiocarbon dating led to immediate success.

Dedication to accuracy and rapid delivery of results are at the core of its policies. AMS results are reported within 2-14 business days, depending on the service chosen. The company caters to a global clientele with rapid customer service in 10 languages, billing in major world currencies, and multiple sample forwarding facilities. By innovating new techniques, keeping abreast of the latest technology, and training qualified scientists to stay ahead of demand, Beta Analytic has maintained its firm commitment to quality AMS dating over the years.

For radiocarbon dating cost and other inquiries, contact:

Florencia Goren
Beta Analytic Global Operations Manager
Tel. No. +(1) 305-667-5167

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