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Beta Analytic delivers High-Quality Radiocarbon Results in 3-14 business days

Beta Analytic’s radiocarbon dating cost varies by material type, services requested and turnaround time. The lab can quote prices in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, KRW, RMB and TWD. If you want to receive our price list, please indicate the currency so we can provide the appropriate prices. If you need an estimate or quotation, please provide the following information:

  • Currency
  • Carbon dating services requested
    • AMS Standard - 14 business days or less turnaround time
    • AMS Priority - 6 business days or less
    • AMS Time-Guide - 2-3 business days (not applicable to bones or sediments)
  • Material type (e.g. non-heated bones, charcoal, sediment)
  • Number of samples per material
  • Billing address of paying institution

Why Choose Beta Analytic?

Fastest AMS dating service worldwide: results in 3-14 business days

BETA is able to offer rapid service because all analyses are done using the laboratory’s multiple in-house accelerators with very high redundancy in spare parts. The lab’s highly-trained team of professional technicians are 100% dedicated to client samples, ensuring that delivery times are met consistently.

Free stable isotope measurements

The δ13C values measured directly in an IRMS are reported with all samples submitted for radiocarbon dating. The lab also provides δ15N measurements as well as %C, %N, C:N and % collagen yield on non-cremated bones, δ18O measurements on carbonates, and dD (deuterium) and δ18O on water free of charge for samples submitted for radiocarbon dating. Stable isotope analyses are also available for a fee without radiocarbon dating.

No additional costs for micro sample analysis

With its Micro Sample AMS dating service, Beta Analytic is able to work with samples that yield less than 100 μg carbon after pretreatments. "Extended Wheel" counting is provided for micro samples as an additional test of accuracy before reporting. BETA’s lab managers are always available for discussion on whether the micro samples are suitable for AMS dating.

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