Radiocarbon Dating Prices & Payment Terms

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Archaeology Artifacts Ancient CoinsNOTE: Materials with commercial value are not accepted.

Beta Analytic does not undertake the dating of manuscripts, objects of art or other valuable or priceless items unless they are submitted and paid for by a recognized governmental agency, major museum, or other official agency that is investigating the materials as part of multidisciplinary scholarly process.

The lab does not analyze antiques, books, manuscripts or materials of a religious nature or items which are commonly sold in the antiquities markets, or materials for personal research (e.g. wood from an ancestral house, metals/coins, bones from a random dig, etc.).

Payment Methods & Terms

Beta Analytic recommends payment by wire transfer and credit card.

The analysis starts immediately upon receipt of the samples, and your invoice will be sent after pretreatment so we can provide you with the exact cost of the analysis.

Important Notes:

  • Analyses start immediately upon receipt of samples to best ensure we meet our promised delivery. This means that charges are also incurred immediately upon receipt of samples. Order changes are welcome, but please be aware that partial or full charges will apply based on how much work has been completed by the time the change is requested.
  • Results will be released after payment is received. We recommend attaching a purchase order (PO) when submitting your online form to speed up the process.
  • You can also request an advance invoice if you prefer to prepay your samples or keep the credit for future analysis. Note though that refunds are NOT permitted once the funds are deposited and that deposits can only be used for future analyses at the latest published prices.

Limitation of Liability

Client acknowledges and agrees that Beta Analytic’s role in furnishing Services is merely to analyze Material Sample(s) and issue a Report detailing Beta Analytic’s findings. Please read our full Terms & Conditions here:

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