Stable Isotope Analysis Cost

ISO 17025-accredited laboratory Beta Analytic provides the following standalone Stable Isotope Analysis (without radiocarbon dating):

Bones (Cremated), Organics and Water DIC – δ13C
Bones (Non-cremated) – δ13C + δ15N
– δ13C + δ15N + %C + %N + C:N
Carbonates – δ13C + δ18O
Water – δ13C on Water DIC
– δ13C + δD + δ18O
δD + δ18O 
– δ17O + δD + δ18O


For price inquiries, please indicate the following information in the form below:

  1. Stable Isotopes analysis requested
  2. Material type (e.g. non-heated bones, shell, water)

If you need an estimate or quotation, please also indicate the number of samples per material and the billing address of the paying institution.

To analyze Boron, Strontium, Lead, and U-Th Dating, please visi

We aim to reply to inquiries within 24 hours.


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