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View Beta’s Lead Isotopes and Applications Webinar

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Live Webinar: March 24, 2021 
Speakers: Dr. Maren Pauly and Dr. Arash Sharifi

Lead Isotopes Webinar Topics

Aside from an introduction to lead (Pb) isotopes and decay and the geology of these isotopes, the speakers will also discuss:

  • Human intervention in Pb cycling
  • How to prepare samples for Pb isotopic analysis
  • Pb Applications – soil characterization, tree-ring analysis, groundwater, archaeology provenance studies, and forensics

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About the Speakers

Dr. Maren Pauly is an experienced researcher on paleoclimatology (tree-rings, corals), radiocarbon calibration, and plant biology. She is an account manager for Beta Analytic and its subsidiary, Isobar Science. Dr. Pauly is also a part-time lecturer in Plant Sciences at Bath Spa University since October 2019.

Dr. Arash Sharifi is Isobar Science’s Vice President of Lab Operations. He is an isotope geochemist, paleoclimatologist, and geologist specializing in the application of organic and inorganic geochemistry in reconstructing past climate and environmental conditions.

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