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Beta Analytic’s 3rd Annual Geology Photo Contest

As part of its 40th anniversary celebration, ISO 17025-accredited Beta Analytic held a photo contest for geologists across China. During the two-month duration of the contest, the lab received more than 500 photos of amazing landforms in its WeChat account. 

Winners were selected based on the number of WeChat views, likes, and votes plus the scores from photography experts the Beta team invited to evaluate all entries.

2019 Winners

The first place winner was Mr. Menghan Qiu of Lanzhou University who submitted beautiful photos taken in Tibet and Zhangye of Gansu Province.

Dr. Gao Zhongyong of The Third Institute of Oceanography SOA won second place this time. His photo of a polar bear in its natural habitat garnered many votes. He placed third in 2018 when he submitted photos of views in the Arctic.

Third place winner was Ye Wei of Zhejiang Normal University with photos taken in Yuanmou County, Yunnan province and Australia.

The first place winner received a SUUNTO Watch as prize, while the second and third place winners received a Kindle.

In previous years, Dr. Shi Pilong of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth won the photo contest. He placed first in 2017 and 2018.

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