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Beta Analytic Joins 2021 AGU Fall Meeting as Exhibitor

ISO 17025-accredited Beta Analytic exhibited at the 2021 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting held in New Orleans, Louisiana. From December 13-17, 2021, Beta Analytic representatives welcomed inquiries regarding the lab’s radiocarbon dating and stable isotope services as well as the geochemical fingerprinting services of subsidiary Isobar Science.

Florencia Goren, Charlotte Rodriguez, and Arash Sharifi represented Beta Analytic and Isobar Science at the event. Ms. Goren is Beta Analytic’s VP for Business Development & Strategy. Ms. Rodriguez is Beta Analytic’s Sales Manager for US & Canada. Dr. Sharifi is Isobar Science’s VP of Lab Operations. 

Over the years, Beta Analytic has supported the AGU by joining its annual fall meeting. The lab plans to join next year’s meeting in Chicago, Illinois, slated to begin on December 12.

Research Presentation at AGU 2021

On December 14, 2021, Dr. Sharifi presented the research “Nutrient Source Tracking of Surface-water Using a Multi-isotope Approach: A Case Study in South Florida”. Continuing population growth and urban development in South Florida has taken its toll on the region’s freshwater sources. To effectively control nitrate pollution in water, it is essential to both identify the pollution sources and reduce the input of nitrate. Dr. Sharifi presented the results of their case study and replied to inquiries from attendees, including those who joined the presentation online.

Beta Analytic fully supports research focused on pollution source monitoring.

About AGU

Based in Washington, D.C., AGU is a nonprofit scientific association with more than 60,000 members working on various topics covering the earth and space sciences. The AGU publishes scientific journals, sponsors meetings, and supports education programs, among others, in an effort to disseminate knowledge on the geophysical sciences.

Beta Analytic – AMS Dating and Stable Isotope Analysis Laboratory

Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) technology, Beta Analytic provides accurate and precise carbon dating through its services:

  • AMS Standard (results reported in 14 business days or less),
  • AMS Priority (results reported in 6 business days or less), and
  • AMS Time-Guide (results are reported in 2-3 business days).
    The time-guide service is applicable to most materials except bones.

The Miami-based laboratory also provides stable isotope analysis of various materials. For samples that do not need pretreatment, results are reported in 7 business days. For materials that need pretreatment like bones, the standard turnaround time is 14 business days.

For price inquiries, please fill out the forms in the following pages:
Carbon Dating Cost
Stable Isotope Analysis Cost

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