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Beta Analytic at EGU 2020: Sharing Geoscience Online

The European Geosciences Union’s 2020 General Assembly in Vienna, Austria, has been cancelled but research presentations continue through the initiative called “EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online”, which starts on May 4. The week-long series of online activities includes a presentation by Dr. Arash Sharifi, a member of Beta Analytic’s Research and Development Department. His display is part of the session on “Speleothem and Continental Carbonate Archives of Modern and Palaeoenvironmental Change,” slated for May 4, 2020, at 08:30 – 10:15 CEST (GMT +2).

Dr. Sharifi is also a research and development scientist for Beta Analytic subsidiary Isobar Science, which provides specialized isotope services for geochronology, geochemical fingerprinting, and environmental source tracking. Isobar Science’s services include Strontium (87Sr/86Sr) isotopic ratio measurements and Uranium Thorium (U/Th) dating, among others. 

Duration: 50 seconds || Speaker: Maren Pauly, PhD
This video excerpt is part of Isobar Science’s webinar: An Introduction to Uranium-Thorium Dating.
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Climate driven mobility of the early humans in SW Asia: Preliminary evidence from Iranian Stalagmites

(Display D3751 | EGU2020-19608)

Dr. Sharifi’s research presents evidence that early human mobility in Southwest Asia was driven by regional climate change events. Results are based on δ18O values and elemental time series from three stalagmites in central-northwest Iran with robust U-Th chronology over the last 450,000 years. Research data correlates well with results of other climate archives in Iran (lake and loess deposits) as well as with Greenland ice core record. 

For more details, please read the abstract.

EGU 2020

EGU 2020

EGU 2020 aims to foster scientific communication despite the ongoing pandemic. Participation does not require a registration fee. Anyone can view abstracts and presentation materials and joining text-based session chat channels only requires the nickname and email address of the participant. 

This year’s union symposia and debates will be held through video conferencing. A selection of the original 90 sessions of short courses will be available online in the form of webinars or downloads of recorded material. Selected townhall meetings will be done via live, text-based chat.

The next EGU General Assembly in Vienna has been scheduled to take place from April 25 to April 30, 2021.

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