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Beta Analytic Q&A: Do you Accept Beeswax for AMS Dating?

We have dated beeswax, sometimes with good success, sometimes not. This is because no pretreatment for organic contaminants can be applied. Thus, if any younger or older carbon has been incorporated in the beeswax, it will be represented in the result.

Considering no pretreatment is required, 3-10 mg of beeswax should be enough for radiocarbon dating but you can send more. With 3 mg of beeswax, we only have enough for one attempt.

Sample Submission Guidelines

You can pack the beeswax in aluminum foil before placing it in a Ziplock bag.

To prevent shipping clearance delays, please use our recommended customs declaration when submitting samples directly to the lab in Miami (from outside the USA) – “Geological samples for scientific study – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE – Destroyed during analysis.”

If there’s a slot on the customs form for a Harmonized Tariff Number (also known as HS code), put the number 280300. The customs and carriage value should be USD 1.00. Please email the courier and tracking number to so we can help you monitor your package.

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