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Beta Analytic Exhibits at GSA 2021

ISO 17025-accredited radiocarbon dating laboratory Beta Analytic continues to support the Geological Society of America (GSA) by joining its annual meeting as an exhibitor. This year’s meeting was held in Portland, Oregon, from October 10-13, 2021. Beta Analytic marketing manager Haley Gershon and account manager Eli Sutula welcomed all inquiries about the lab’s carbon dating services.

Beta account manager Eli Sutula at GSA 2021

Aside from radiocarbon dating and stable isotope analysis, Beta Analytic also promoted the geochemical fingerprinting services of its subsidiary, Isobar Science.

The GSA annual meeting is one of the largest international events focused on the earth sciences. The four-day event included technical and poster sessions, field trips, short courses, workshops and a special session focused on climate change.

Beta Analytic has supported the GSA by participating as an exhibitor at its annual and regional meetings over the years – in 2019, 2018, 2017, and previous annual meetings. The lab will join the GSA 2022 annual meeting slated for October 9-12, 2022, to be held in Denver, Colorado.

About the GSA

The Geological Society of America organizes conferences, provides grants, and publishes scientific journals to support earth science researchers worldwide. With a strong commitment to diversity, the GSA encourages members regardless of race, sex, age, or religion to contribute and participate. The GSA aims to become the leading geological society in scientific discovery.

Beta Analytic Services – Carbon-14 Dating & Stable Isotope Analysis

Using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS), Miami-based Beta Analytic provides radiocarbon dating services worldwide through its shipping offices in Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and the UK. The lab routinely reports results in 14 business days or less for its standard AMS service. Faster services are also available.

The lab also offers stable isotope analysis – δ13C and δ15N for non-cremated bones and other materials, δ18O for carbonates, as well as δ2H + δ18O and δ17O for water samples.

Its subsidiary, Isobar Science, provides various isotopic analysis including strontium, boron, lead, Sr-Nd-Hf and uranium-thorium dating. Please visit for details.

For inquiries on radiocarbon dating cost and other services, please use these forms:
Carbon Dating Cost
Stable Isotope Analysis Cost

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