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Watch Beta Analytic’s Isotopes 101 Webinar

Beta Analytic’s first webinar was held on April 29, 2020. It is an introduction to isotopic analysis.
* Also available with Simplified Chinese subtitles *

Sean Ahearn, Beta Analytic Project Manager-Water Services

Mr. Sean P. Ahearn discussed these topics:

  • Background on isotopic science
  • What is a delta value? What do changes in delta values represent?
  • What is the difference between stable isotopic values and radiogenic isotopic values?

Mr. Ahearn is Beta Analytic’s project manager for water services.

For any questions on isotopic analysis of water, please email Mr. Ahearn at info(at)

Carbon Dating Cost
Stable Isotope Analysis Cost

Isotopes 101: An Introduction to Isotopic Analysis
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